Stay tuned for our “Meet the Executive Team” page coming soon! 

Current Vacancies

CASIS-OSC is looking to fill the following vacancies on their 2021-22 Executive Team! 

As a CASIS-OSC Executive, you’ll have the chance to engage with Canada’s top security experts while also facilitating meaningful events and opportunities to help fellow students learn, gain experience, and network! 

All students at Carleton University, the University of Ottawa and Algonquin College, in all programs and levels of study (undergraduate and postgraduate) are welcome to apply for these positions.

  • Vice President Administration
  • Vice President Social Media & Design 
  • Vice President(s) External 
  • Vice President Operations
  • Vice President of Cybersecurity 
  • Vice President of Financial Security
  • Director(s) of Cybersecurity 
  • Director(s) of Human Security
  • Director of Health Security 
  • Director(s) of Financial Security
  • Director(s) of Intelligence & Defence 
Each Executive position’s role, as well as the necessary experience required to apply can be found
in the Application Form below. The application deadline is November 8th, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST.