Security and intelligence involves the collection and analysis of information, events and data to manage, protect, and respond to the ever-changing needs of our community, country, and world — but all this isn’t just limited to top secret spy networks — the field of security & intelligence is, in fact, very multidisciplinary and relates to almost every sector and industry in Canada and globally.

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As a CASIS-OSC Member, you will work with other students, industry leaders, government departments, non-profits, and companies to engage in discourse and develop solutions to emerging and real-world cases and issues. You will have the opportunity to gain valuable certifications and skills in your own field, win prizes, connect with experts and employers, and make a difference in your community — all while contributing to the development and improvement of Canada’s security field.


CASIS-OSC provides student opportunities at the civic, corporate, and community service level. Members will be able to: 



Expert Q&A / Ask Me Anything (AMA) Sessions

Seminars and Webinars

Panel Discussions



Workshops for resumé/skill building

Policythons and policy proposals

Case competitions

Volunteer projects



Movie & documentary release nights

Networking and recruitment events

Member bonding events

Tours, visits, and trips

Career fairs


And much more!

Many of our projects are funded through various grants offered by the Government of Canada or in partnership with sponsors and organizations. 

CASIS-OSC events and opportunities will be held virtually, and in-person* at all three schools, as well as at locations throughout the City of Ottawa, and in other cities with partnering institutions. 

*CASIS Ottawa Student Chapter follows and operates under all COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines set out by the City, Province, federal government, and public health officials.